Conference Venue

This year's conference will be held at the Charles Darwin University Casuarina campus in the Northern suburbs of Darwin, 12km from Darwin CBD. For more details on how to get to here, click this link >>

Charles Darwin University
Casuarina Campus

Brinkin, Darwin

7 Ellengowan Drive,


Darwin, NT 0810



Bird watching at CDU

Take a walk around campus before the conference program starts and see if you can spot any of the 100 bird species that have been recorded here. Add a new species to the ebird list if you can!

Download a copy of this map for yourself here.

Art Exhibition

The Overwintering Project is an environmental art project designed to raise awareness for Australia’s most endangered birds - migratory shorebirds - and their habitat. Artists from Australia and New Zealand have joined to shed light on these birds that spend summer on our beaches, only to fly c. 12,500 km north to breed annually above the Arctic Circle. The Nan Giese exhibition, which is timed to coincide with the 2019 Australasian Ornithological Conference, will feature works selected from the Overwintering Project Print Portfolio, by CDU students and local artists. The exhibition is free, and AOC conference delegates are warmly invited to attend and experience for themselves this visual testament to the importance of these amazing birds and the habitat on which they rely.

Opening: Friday 28 June, 2019
Exhibition runs: Fri 28 June – Fri 19 July 2019


Nan Giese Gallery

Charles Darwin University
7 Ellengowan Drive, Brinkin, Darwin, NT 0810


Free Entry

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