Getting there

Darwin is located in Australia’s Top End of the Northern Territory. The climate is tropical and the sun is shining, you enjoy cool, balmy breezes in the evening and the day temperatures in July are warm enough that you can swim (just make sure you swim in a pool and not the ocean!).


Darwin city is only 11 km from Darwin International Airport. You can take a taxi or an Uber for around $15-$20. The AOC will be held at Charles Darwin University, which is located near Casuarina in the region’s northern suburbs. Charles Darwin University is only 6 km from Darwin International Airport. 


Darwin is a proud multicultural city and boasts a range of food options located in the Darwin CBD, waterfront area, and at Casuarina Square. During the dry season, you will also be spoiled with the choice of more than 6 markets, all offering local delicacies, produce and gifts.

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